Thursday, September 23, 2010

Barnraising: Day 0

I got into Hudson about noon and met up with Chuck, a fellow barnraising attendee who was raised in KC, but now lives in San Antonio. Chuck and I waited around a while, and eventually someone from WGXC came and took us from the Albany airport to Hudson. This someone was an engineer, in fact, and he gave me a few salient facts:

WGXC will be transitioning from an LPFM station to a 3.3 kW ERP FM. They have an Energyonics 1.5 kW transmitter and a pair of log-periodic antennas. Not a whole lot of ERP, but it's a start.

At any rate, when I got to Hudson, I got a brief tour of the studio then went over to St. Mary's Academy, where a lot of the workshops are being held. I helped out with a couple of things, including setting up the stage for the speakers, then got assigned to KP duty. ;)

I think that I will not be sleeping out at the farm where I had arranged a couch surf. Instead I will stay in Hudson. I think I'll get more of the experience this way.

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