Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm going to the NAB show!

I recently heard about the NAB's Technology Apprenticeship Program. Basically, this is a program for people starting out in broadcast engineering, or people with skills in other technical disciplines - "IT, digital technologies, ... or other related areas", as the website puts it - to get some hands-on experience in the field. Since that's the line of work I'm trying to get into, I applied, and I was accepted! So here's how my next few months are going to go:

April 9 - 14: I'll be flying out to Las Vegas (on NAB's dime, no less) to the NAB show. There are going to be several activities geared specifically for the apprenticeship program participants, (you know what? I'm going to say "apprentices" from now on. "apprenticeship program participants" is a mouthful) and we apprentices will be meeting with leaders in broadcast technology.

May 18 - 19: I'll be flying out to Silicon Valley for the Convergence Conference.

June - July: I complete a two month paid internship at a TV or radio station. No idea what station yet.

Finally, in August, I go to DC for a week to work with NAB's Science and Technology Department to develop a presentation to be delivered via webcast at the end of my visit. If I'm permitted, I'll publish a link or something here.

I'm very excited about all of this. Not only is this going to be a really interesting and unique experience, but this is going to be a great start to my broadcast engineering career.

So stay tuned, Dear Reader, for more thrilling tales of broadcast engineering! ;)

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