Friday, July 9, 2010

Recently at and around KCUR

Sorry that I haven't updated. I've been busy with my Real Job™

Since Monday was a holiday, I went to the transmitter on Tuesday. I took the logs as I have been doing, then Robin and I changed the air filters on all the equipment. Our BE FM703i (HD transmitter) has washable air filters, which is cool. Our BE FM30B (analog FM transmitter) does not have washable air filters, but its air intake is half the size of the air filters Robin buys. When it's time to change the filter, he flips the filter that's in there upside down, allowing one filter to serve two duty cycles (a couple of months, IIRC).

Wednesday I met Robin over at the studio for some DAD hands-on training. Except it wasn't quite hands-on, more "look at the way we have DAD set up." And that's good, but to really get a feel for DAD I'm going to need to fiddle with it myself. Maybe Enco has an academic version or something, or maybe Robin will let me play with "MOM", our backup DAD installation.

Thursday I went to my first SBE (Society of Broadcast Engineers) meeting. At said meeting, it was moved that the dill pickle be adopted as the official pickle of our chapter (I think it was some kind of running gag). The motion carried with nearly unanimous support. We adjourned shortly after that to watch a presentation about the coolest things (at least according to Broadcast Engineering magazine) at this year's NAB show. Most notable were a couple of things that looked like their sole purpose was to allow a station to be run with fewer people. Automation, and the desire to reduce headcount, are everywhere.

I was also introduced to a couple of contract engineers. Robin wants me to try and go out on calls with them so that I can see more transmitters. I think that's a fine idea. I also want to visit WSMI, the radio station in my home town, and maybe some of the Spanish-language AM stations here in town. The more the better, after all.

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