Sunday, February 17, 2008

How do we make KC a startup hub?

That's actually not the question I want answered. What I want to know is how do we create an environment that is not only positive, but welcoming of new ideas and new knowledge? How do we make KC a place where geeks of all sorts can thrive?

I think that Christa, who commented in my previous post, has the right idea. Things like PodCamp Midwest, which I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend. Things like the Hack Day that I'm organizing in a month's time. Things like The Kansas City Area Software Demonstration Project Meetup, which I will be attending. Hell, just geeks getting together for a beer, or coffee, or whatnot. We need a geeky community in this town.

But that's only the first step. Because we need to bring new geeks into the fold. We need fresh ideas. We need to make KC a place where the geeks want to be, and I'm afraid BBQ and roller derby aren't enough.


Tony said...

Awesome post man, I just linked it along with your blog and I'll be checking back often.

Allow me to welcome you to the KC blogosphere if no one has already. It's pretty geeky as well.

Nice blog title by the way!!!

Kit Fenderson-Peters said...

@Tony: Thanks a lot!

chad said...

Don't forget the Kansas City Robotics Society.