Friday, February 15, 2008

KC Blogosphere

I knew that the few blogs I'd seen having to do with KC couldn't be the only ones in town. And was I ever right.

The Star has a couple of blogs:

Prime Buzz, touted as "Today's Political Intelligence and Insight". A brief reading suggests that it's much more focused on reporting the stories than commenting on them, so more "Intelligence" than "Insight".

Crime Scene KC. This one's better on the commentary, but I don't see a lot of stuff specific to Kansas City there.

Next we have KC Light Rail - Not a lot of commentary from what I can see, mostly information about the proposed plans for light rail here in KC.

There are scads and scads of general-interest KC blogs. I'll link just a few:

Tony's Kansas City - "Opinion, Jokes, and Stories from KC". This guy is pretty good.

Midtown Miscreant - Hey, another Midtowner!

Gone Mild, who's sick at home.

BlogKC - lots of short posts about various and sundry things.

And lots lots more. Blogs galore!

Maybe we need a Kansas City blogroll, something like Lowcountry Blogroll from my old stomping grounds in SC.

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